Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunset on the Seaholm

Anyone who has lived in Austin for a while will recognize this structure as the Seaholm Power Plant. Linda and I were having dinner at Garrido's, one of the restaurants in our building, the other night and we noticed this sweet-looking sunset out the window. I grabbed my iPhone, went out onto their deck, and took a shot of it.

The Seaholm has been decommissioned and someday in the future, this site will be the location of a fine hotel and multi-use development. To an old Austin guy like me, this photo was symbolic of the sun going down on another icon of my younger days.


  1. Some of the iconic look of the power plant will be preserved when this development takes place.

  2. Good to hear some of the look will be preserved (as per Linda). Enjoy your blog...