Saturday, January 2, 2010

FirstNight Austin

Our good friend Jackie went to FirstNight Austin across the lake on Auditorium Shores and sent us some photos she took of the assemblages, construction, and crowds. Here is a stunning work of metal and lights which looks like either a cupcake on stilts or a flying saucer that starts walking when it lands. Jackie says it was "an alien space vehicle – or a transporter." A beautiful piece of artistry, whatever it is!


  1. Here's a description of what I believe to be the piece. From the FirstNight Web site:

    Dale Jenssen - Can We Go Now?II

    An illuminated, interactive spaceship sculpture for children of all ages. This piece will stand almost 11 feet tall. When a person steps between the legs they will trigger a sensor that sets off a light and sound show. When not “performing” the sculpture will be illuminated from within, and will emit a constant “spaceship whirring” sound. The lights, sound and effects are all contained within the body of the sculpture.

  2. What a great image for passing into the new year! Starting the journey off on a colorful note.