Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arthouse takes shape

Linda and I were walking to a breakfast event downtown yesterday around 7:15. As we passed on the other side of Congress Avenue, I took this shot of the continuing construction on this exciting space -- Arthouse at the Jones Center -- on Austin's main street. (Two days ago, I featured the roof.) Completion is set for late June. The big corner space upstairs which looks empty right now will be glassed in and a key architectural element. The random vertical slots in the side wall will be filled with green glass "bricks" which will be lit so that they'll shine at night. On the roof, there will be a movie theater and party space. Here is a link to the blog which I update weekly.

It's interesting for me to remember how, when I was a kid, this space used to be "Lerner Shop," a dress store. How time changes things.

By the way-- if you click on the photo and get the enlarged version, you'll see a rendering above the covered construction walk which shows the finished look of the building.

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