Friday, March 12, 2010

Texas Film Hall of Fame

We went to the presentations for the Texas Film Hall of Fame last night, a fundraiser for Austin Film Society and it's work in Texas film making. There were opportunities for celebrity photos of folks like Quentin Tarantino (who was given the Tom Mix Honorary Texan award) and Lukas Haas (who was inducted into the Hall of Fame and who has Texas roots but wasn't born here). But, no, I'm showing you the photos of some extraordinary (ordinary=not well know to the masses; extra=but really fun) people who came to the event. Mandy Dealey and her son Christopher were dressed in vintage Western. His jacket was autographed inside by some of Texas' great musicians (like Augie Meyer of the Texas Tornados) and was the coolest vintage Western jacket I've seen in a while. Mandy had on a vintage blanket-style jacket with Western emblems sew in. Mandy is a force in politics and non-profits in Austin and Christopher is a young man who I just met last night but, according to FFP, he is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur. With those looks and that jacket, he could be a movie star, I think. So I humbly present him and his mother instead of Thomas Hayden Church or Woody Harrelson (confession: I didn't actually see him but he was announced from the stage).

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  1. We all need our fifteen minutes of fame, so you did the right thing here, shooting a portrait of Mandy and Christopher.