Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thunder Soul funk

This sax player doing a spirited solo is an alumnus of the fabulous Kashmere High School Stage Band. They were the subjects of a film called "Thunder Soul" which premiered at South by Southwest. The alums played a stunning concert at a venue across the street from our high rise last Monday. These kids of the seventies had their talents and dreams lifted up by their director Conrad Johnson, who died while the film was being made. A highlight of the kids' stint in the band was winning the top prize in a national contest held in Alabama.

Here is a bit from the website: "It was afros and pleated shirts; James Brown and Bootsy Collins. It was the ’70s, and an inner-city Houston high school was about to make history. Charismatic band leader, Conrad “Prof” Johnson would turn the school’s mediocre jazz band into a legendary funk powerhouse."

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  1. Wow. What a show that must have been. Thanks for the amazing photo.