Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Sons of Tucson " Promo on Wheels

Linda and I decided to go wander around SXSW (South By Southwest) central at the Convention Center yesterday. Outside, we saw these guys who are promoting a new TV show on FOX called "Sons of Tucson." Evidently, the show has to do with a slacker guy who lives in his car and is hired by some rich kids whose father is in jail. His task -- pretend to be their dad so that they can get enrolled in a school. OK, it's TV -- what can I say?

Glad to see South By (as it is known by locals) is getting so much press nationwide. I just popped up the LA Times site and they have a whole special link section. Living downtown, we can just walk to all the events. Yesterday, we saw two primo films-- "Cherry" and "The Good Heart." Both were totally engaging and had plenty of dramatic tension.


  1. A TV show? Awww. And I thought they really were a bunch of green corporate drones. ;)

  2. Cool. You never know what writers will come up with.